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By: Megan @UXMotel Wilson In this week’s best in UX we ask just what is UX design, and should it exist? We also try to find ways to improve your online UX and even offer up an article on diary methods to better understand your customers. 1. Beyond the UX Tipping Point In Jared Spool’s article he addresses the much anticipated Disney Magic band as the biggest user experience story of 2014. His convincing article outlines just how Disney’s Magic Band takes them beyond the UX tipping point. 2. Does User Experience Design Exist? In this article by Adriaan Fenwick, he takes on the existence (or non-existance?) of UX design. With a great graphic and a number of important notes, he argues that UX design needs to exist, for now. 3. 3 Keys to Improving Your Online User Experience In Katie Kowalasky’s article, she outlines the key ways you can improve your online UE. From responsive design, to designing headers & footers Kawalasky’s article has a number of important insights. 4. Dear Diary: Using Diaries to Study User Experience In Carine Lallemand’s article she outlines the role of diary methods in the study of user experience. Not sure of what a diary method is or how it could effect your UE? Lallemand’s article will point out the advantages and features of this exceptional method of inquiry. 5. The User Experience Checklist Finally in this article we outline the UE checklist. From simplification to content and clarity, these items will help you build a UE strategy that works. UX news are very vital to follow. make sure you get all relevant updates.

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Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)