Top 30 Twitter Celebrities in User Experience

I’m happy to share with you this exclusive list of user experience celebrities. Don’t miss out on connecting with these fellow UXers, learn from them, reach out to them, pick their brains! This list is comprised of some of the most social UX enthusiasts out there, so get tweeting!

1. The UX Booth @UXBooth

The UX Booth is a blog by and for the user experience community.

2. Nielsen Norman Group @NNgroup

Jakob Nielsen, Don Norman, Tog, and colleagues: usability advocates offering evidence-based user experience (UX) research, training, consulting

3. Aarron Walter @aarron

Director of UX at MailChimp, author of Designing for Emotion.

4. Andy Budd @andybudd

User Experience Designer, partner at @clearleft and curator of @dconstruct and @uxlondon

5. Jeremy Keith @adactio

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

6. A List Apart @alistapart

Since 1998, the design magazine for people who make websites.

7. Clearleft @clearleft

We design delightful digital experiences.

8. UXfeeds @uxfeeds

UX – User Experience Design #ux

9. Adaptive Path @AdaptivePath

Champions for awesome human experiences

10. UX Yoda @UXYoda

Mind what you have learned. Save you it can.

11. Matt Gemmell @mattgemmell

Thinker, writer, speaker, developer.

12. Luke Wroblewski @lukew

Digital product design & strategy guy in Silicon Valley, CA. Known for Mobile First, Bagcheck, Web Form Design, Polar & more…

13. Susan Weinschenk PhD @thebrainlady

Behavioral Psychologist, Author: How To Get People To Do Stuff, 100 Things Every Presenter Needs To Know About People & 100 Things Every Designer Needs To Know

14. UIE @UIE

User Interface Engineering is a leading research, training, and consulting firm specializing in UX, web site and product usability.

15. Dan Saffer @odannyboy

Designer. Author. Director of Interaction Design at @SmartDesign.

16. Steve Krug @skrug

Yes, I did write Don’t Make Me Think and Rocket Surgery Made Easy. Hope you enjoyed them.

17. Khoi Vinh @khoi

Co-founder of, blogger at, former design director at

18. Jeffrey Zeldman @zeldman

Founder, Happy Cog™ studios. Author, Designing With Web Standards. Publisher, A List Apart, A Book Apart. Co-founder, An Event Apart. Host, Big Web Show.

19. Don Norman @jnd1er

Design thinker, company advisor, professor, columnist, author, … Latest book: Living with Complexity. MIT Press. (Complexity is good)

20. malimali @malimali

Cat | Travel & Foodie | Low Tech | Info Architect | UX/UI | Psychology

21. Gerry McGovern @gerrymcgovern

Website top tasks management consulting for large organizations

22. An Event Apart @aneventapart

The design conference for people who make websites.™

23. Dan Cederholm @simplebits

Co-Founder of Dribbble. Designer, author & speaker at SimpleBits. Likes ampersands & banjos.

24. Six Revisions @sixrevisions

Six Revisions is a website that publishes practical and useful articles for designers and web developers, maintained by Jacob Gube.

25. Dave Shea @mezzoblue

using Twitter for me, not for you.

26. Jared M. Spool @jmspool

Please help #Sandy victims: Thank you for encouraging my behavior! [Personal account. For UX only: @UIE]

27. Eric A. Meyer @meyerweb

Web standards | (X)HTML | CSS | microformats | community | writing | speaking | signing man.

28. Jason Santa Maria @jasonsantamaria

Designer by day, designer by night.

29. Joshua Porter @bokardo

Director of UX at HubSpot, Co-founder @performable and @52weeksofUX

30. Trammell @trammell

Mark. Young ragamuffin from the streets. French duke lying about in hammocks eating soft cheese. Chimney sweep. Friend of Tom. Twttr & Obama HQ in my rearview.