Top 5 User Experience Reads


1# The Ins & Outs Of Giving Great Feedback

As a designer, you have to always accept positive and negative criticism from clients. You need to handle it professional to guard your credibility and reputation. Here is an article I came across by Dan Maccarone the pros and cons of giving great feedbacks  

2# 2014 Mobile UX Design Trends: Embracing Minimal

The minimalist design in digital world has become very popular over the last few years. Their initiative design and compatibility with various mobile devices are some of the factors that fuel its popularity. Here are some of the 2014 mobile designs that you should embrace. Article prepared by Diba Salimi  

3# The Process of Persuasive Design In Six Steps

Basically, there are six major steps that have to be followed in the process of persuasive design. Here is a Youtube Video to help you understand each of these steps. Created by Dr. Eric  

4# What Does a UX Designer Do? A Step-by-Step Guide

A UX Designer has to consider a number of factors before embarking in the process of creating a design. These steps have to be followed for positive results to be achieved. Here is an article by Kellen Mc Killop to help you understand what UX designers do.  

5# Great Infographic: UX Designer VS UI Designer 

What is the difference between a UX designer and UI designer? Most people tend to think that their roles are similar. Here is an article I wrote to help you understand these two professions better. bnr14
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