Top 5 UX Articles of the Spring

A long due favorite, so I’m going to jump straight into it and introduce you with my collection of the top 5 UX articles of the spring.

Cognitive Overhead, Or Why Your Product Isn’t As Simple As You Think

Cognitive Overhead, Or Why Your Product Isn’t As Simple As You Think by David Lieb, pubished on TechCrunch “THIS AIN’T IS YOUR GRANDMA’S INTERNET” Words that got me hooked to continue to read. David Lieb presents an engaging view of the definition of cognitive overhead and how to minimize it. Read this article in full to learn how to translate his tips into your product and create ultimate success for your users and business.

Becoming a Great UX Consultant, Part 2: Some Advice

Becoming a Great UX Consultant, Part 2: Some Advice by Baruch Sachs, published on UX Matters I’ve been patiently waiting for the continuation of this series and pleased to view the three straight-to-the-point tips that could change the way you approach UX consulting. Baruch Sachs provides a personal touch, from his experience, on these points, allowing you to understand his tips in more detail.

10 UX Books Due out in 2013

10 UX Books Due out in 2013 by Paul Seys, published on UX Booth I’m a sucker for lists, especially when it comes to literature. After exploring a detailed list of UX reading back in 2010, Paul Seys comes back three years later to provide us with a great list of UX books that will boost your reading and profession. Check out the full list, today!

Dark Tourism: Website User Experience Analysis

Dark Tourism: Website User Experience Analysis by Andrew Zusman, published on Usability Geek As always, I’m a huge fan of Usability Geek, and was please to read this article by Andrew Zusman, exploring an experiment Andrew pursued regarding Web User Experience. Discover the article in more detail to see the dark twist Andrew takes in his analysis of “dark” websites and his verdict from the creepy results.

Impostor Syndrome in UX

Impostor Syndrome in UX by Amy Marquez, published on If you’re looking for a refreshing resource to UX, Amy Marquez’s blog is the one. Here, Amy presents us with a personal look on why we sometimes feel like our accomplishments are not worthy enough or why we feel like we may be doing something wrong. Is the field of user experience at fault? Check out the four burning reasons!