Top 5 UX Articles of the Week You Don’t Want to Miss!

As always, it is my pleasure to present to you the hottest UX and usability article circulating throughout the Web. With that, we will get straight to it. Check out these great article to add to your reading library! I went ahead an added the link in the title of the article to take you straight to the source. Enjoy!

10 Metrics For Testing Website Navigation

10 Metrics For Testing Website Navigation by Jeff Sauro, published on Measuring Usability There is nothing more valuable than metrics to help you see what’s working and what’s not. Now that new navigation technologies and search methods are becoming more popular and disruptive, knowing the testing metrics for these technologies will help you understand how to improve and make the best of navigation. Explore the 10 metrics to stay ahead of the navigation game and boost your user experience.

Getting UX and Developers to Play Nice Together

Getting UX and Developers to Play Nice Together by T.A. McCann, published on Gist Blog Play nice now, kids. You’d think that professionals in the workplace would be able to maintain a cohesive relationship for the sake of the company’s success. Think again. Sometimes, strict guidelines need to be maintained, especially if you want your UX team and developers to keep a good thing going. Check out the guidelines that will bond your UX guys and developers for the good.

8 Reasons Why Pageless Design is the Future of the Web

8 Reasons Why Pageless Design is the Future of the Web by Nathan Weller, published on Betterment Pageless Design. Have you ever heard of it? New methods of web design are breaking through this tech generation, building a basis for the future of the Web. Discover what pageless design is and why it is the future of the Web.

12 Usability Flaws That Are Spoiling the Mobile Web

12 Usability Flaws That Are Spoiling the Mobile Web by David Moth, published on EConsultancy Blog Mobile web is a hot commodity today and a pretty new and every-changing medium, according to Moth. Because of that, flaws are bound to occur when developing for mobile. Check out the 12 usability flaws of the mobile web that may be spoiling your success.

Killed at Launch

Killed at Launch by Pete Mackie, published on UX Magazine Explore this article in more detail to see how to learn from the failures of product launches. View how client feedback made way for decisions to shut down, what tasks in project management were ineffiecient, and how to alleviate this problem from occurring again.