Top 5 UX Articles of the Week You Don’t Want to Miss!

Last week, I provided quite the lengthy library for you to get your reading list in order, and it doesn’t stop there. This week, there are five more that I believe will be beneficial for you to discover – just in case you missed out on them last week. Enjoy! The 10 Most Common Misconceptions About User Experience Design published on UX Brainstorm New to UX design? Did you ever wonder if wht you were told about UX design was necessarily correct? Well, here is your opportunity to see the top UX misconceptions of UX design, so that you don’t have to question what you’ve picked up along the way. Intention vs. Interpretation: What Matters? by Thomas Wendt, published on UX Booth Here, Thomas examines problems when defining design and explores how this affects interaction designers and information architects. How do designers shape user interpretation? How do they intend for users to accomplish something? View the article backed with thinking from actual studies. Nine Patterns Among Virtuoso UX Teams by Cameron Moll, published on Cameron Moll Cameron Moll offers his presentation from the Future Insights Live 2013 Confiderence in Las Vegas. Check out his presentations which offers nine patters that he has found in great UX Teams. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Interviewing Users by Steve Prtigal, published on Usabilla Blog The title speaks for iteself. Portigal states that there are plenty of questions that we need to ask ourselves as interviewers when pursuing users. Check out his interview with Tomer Sharon, which covers challenges organizations face when interview as a research method, and if interested, discover how you can obtain Portigal’s books 5 Pieces of Advice from UX Professionals to UX Professionals published on Getting to UX UX designing is undoubtedly one of the best jobs out there, as it lets you take advantage of your creativity and experiment with different elements. It also allows you to know the users better, as you’re designing with their needs in mind. But even UX designers need some extra inspiration at times in order to keep ahead of the ever-evolving competition and to reach their highest user demands. In this regard, I offer you to take a look at 5 useful advice pieces from the top UX professionals via Getting to UX.