Top 5 UX Magazines

  In an industry where new ideas, techniques and practices are pumped out constantly, keeping up with the rapidly updated content is key to successfully understanding UX.   There is an endless amount journals, blogs, articles, statistics and general data on the UX industry that help to keep professionals and enthusiast informed. These UX magazines are geared to help the UX professionals stay up to date.   However, with the variety and sheer amount of published content, it is nearly impossible to not feel overwhelmed. This is why we have compiled a list of the top five UX magazines. The following publications provide useful guides regarding tips, techniques and practices, as well as important trends and news that take place in design culture.   These comprehensive and descriptive online user experience magazines will help you, the UX professional, stay on top of your game and allow you to truly understand everything there is to know.   Here’s a list of top 5 UX magazines to discover the real user experience.  

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Top 5 UX Magazines


1. Boxes and Arrows

  Originally a peer a written journal that was founded in 2001, Boxes and Arrows is devoted to the practice, innovation, and discussion of design. The publication, being one of the internet’s best user experience magazines, delves into the wide and field of graphic design, sub categories such as interaction, information, design architecture and the design of business.   The information shared by the community can easily be grasped even by the entry level practitioners. It is one of the oldest online journals, so, you will find a lot of trained contributors here.  

2. UX Magazine

  This user experience magazine is a free community platform that explores the wide world of experience design. This comprehensive publication works closely with prominent industry players who are well versed in all areas of UX.   Style wise, the articles in user experience magazine tend to be short and to the point with easy to follow theoretical that explore the multiple aspects of the complex user experience, one article at a time.   With professional and creative contributors working on various facets of UX, the journal is full of creative, informative and useful contents. The webzine also provides a dialogue between UX professionals across the board.   In addition, if you are looking for strategies and tactics of successful customer and user experience, UX Magazine is the place!  


  This online mag sifts through hundreds of relevant blog posts, social media and various news channels to deliver the design industry’s most essential content out there. From fresh tools, apps, statistics, code demos, inspirational posts, videos and more, the content provided is a great directory for a variety of different design related publications. With daily updates, they have a large section dedicated to UX and all usability issues.  

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4. UX Booth

  UX Booth is a publication made by and for the user experience community.   The readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers. Although this webzine provides information to those with a slight basis of knowledge, it is still put together in such a way that welcomes anyone and everyone interested in web-culture, making it great for fostering a community and getting newbies off the ground.   The group writes from a variety of perspectives about user experience and provides website usability reviews from which all developers and designers can easily benefit. Their weekly articles are highly informative and in addition to that, the integration of pictures further makes the articles simple and very easy to grasp.  

5. A List Apart

  Originally founded in 1997 as a mailing list, A List Apart is now a popular UX webzine that explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.   Their difficult review process for their articles that ensures an incredibly high standard. Consisting of content sourced from an array of established industry professionals, A List Apart provides well written, helpful and informative articles.  

Bonus: WalkMe Blog

  The WalkMe Blog has a category dedicated to user experience tailored for UX designers working with product teams. While some articles are meant in jest, like the UX of a Banana, others provide detailed descriptions of innovative approaches to user experience methods.   WalkMe’s UX articles stand out by covering topics that uniquely target the user experience of employee software. In the digital workplace, employees are overwhelmed with the number of applications, and often poor usability of those applications.   Overall, you’ll find high-quality and thoughtful articles meant for the most serious of UX professionals.  

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