Top Articles of the Week in UX

This week I came across some great UX articles, which underline the importance of an excellent UX design in numerous domains. Enjoy!  

How to Use the Psychology of Choice to Increase Online Sales

In this article, Spencer Lanoue explores the psychological side of UX, and shed a light on how people experience the decision-making process, and how you can apply proven psychological principles to increase sales online. By providing a variety of excellent examples, he attempts to answer questions like how much choice is too much? The common belief is that more choice is better. But when it comes to online sales, is that actually the case?

3 Ways to Design for Those Distracted Drivers

Joe Concannon writes about a dangerous and infamous phenomenon which is attributed to two every-day activities: texting and driving. Texting while driving is a serious problem nowadays, which cannot be ignored, and requires particular and unique technological solutions. The article presents several solutions to the problem, characterized with UX-design way of thinking, which partially solve the texting while driving danger. The one thing I’ll take with me from this article is the reminder that usability does not always include muIti-tasking, and that less is more. It still amazes me how major issues such as texting and driving can be solved by using great UX techniques.  

5 UX mistakes that make users feel stupid

Adam Fairhead answers several questions, which UX designers ask themselves every now-and-then. In every solution he notes, he makes an effort to explain the logic behind a certain way of thinking in order to show that the intuitive way of thinking is not always make the right choice. My favorite part of the article was to find out that clever interfaces don’t necessarily mean better interfaces and that boring doesn’t always mean bad when it comes to user experience design.

What Do you Need to Be a UXer Today?

This article is addressing to all UXers as well as future UXers, and lists out important tips, ideas and skills which every person who strives to be an amazing UXer should know by heart. I found the article important since it reminds to all UXers what are the basics of great UX design, which sometimes, even the best UXers might forget.  

Touch-Free Interactions as an Innovative Approach to Audience Engagement

Human-computer interaction via human machine interface (HMI)—using touch-sensing devices, such as keyboards, buttons, sliders and touchpads—is something we have been accustomed to since the beginning of the computer era. Today, touch-free technologies are gaining more and more attention, taking user experience to a completely new level of engagement. Thanks to Microsoft Kinect and Apple motion coprocessors, touchless interaction through body gesture recognition has been introduced into multiple industries, bringing in a fresh perspective on the human–computer interaction paradigm and resulting in productive ideas and unique user experiences.      
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)