Top Articles of the Week – UX Roundup!

In the following week I came across some intriguing articles, which are especially important to UX professionals:

1.   3 Exercises to Sharpen Your UX Skills

Jennifer Winter writes in this article about 3 simple exercises to sharpen and improve your UX skills. The writer uses simple elements and methods, such as a whiteboard or pen and paper (Remember those?), in order to bring out the best of your UX abilities in no-time. The exercises’ main goals are to solve different UX problems, illustrating the UX process, understanding your UX team better, etc. This article best shows the use of every-day, non-digital equipment, in order to face the problems and hardships of UX and improve your UX skills.
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2.   How Much Do UX Designers Earn Around the World?

In this article, Zsolt Kocsmarszky presents an extensive review of the salary differences between UXers around the world. The research included questioning anonymously UX designers from all over the globe in order to find out whether the big differences lie. The results showed that the average salary across 70 countries is $58,188, so the bottom line, according to the writer, is that UX designers are very well-paid. As a UX designer myself, I was naturally curious about the differences between the salaries worldwide, and that is the main reason I found this article important and relevant to each and every UXer.  

3.   The Trials and Tribulations of the (Not So) Quick Pass #wtfUX

Josh Tyson is writing in this article about a bad UX incident from the real world that probably all of you are familiar with – the inconvenient roadway tolls interface. But surprisingly, the writer does not refer to the frustrating situation of waiting in line with a handful of coins. He talks about an unfriendly online interface that lets drivers pay fees online without stopping at the roadway tolls. Using screen captions from their website, Tyson adds amusing comments on the very uncomfortable experience that points out all the main problems. Make sure you take a look at those comments. I’m sure you will sympathize with the writer’s experience as much as I did.

4.   10 ways to improve your UX presentations

This article, written by UX for the Masses, talks about an important part of a UXer’s job: presentations. Every UX professional has to present their designs, research findings, conduct usability testing results, etc.   Although UXers focus on the digital world, they must have presenting skills to use in the real-world. In order to improve your UX presentations, the article lists 10 ways to do so. For example, trying to inspire and entertain, focusing on a clear message, including videos and many more great tips.  

5.   Choosing the Right User Experience Tool to Work With

This article emphasizes the importance of using the right User Experience tool, which the success of a website greatly depends on. The article shows several UX tools that will make your website’s UX awesome, such as wireframing and prototyping, A/B testing software, content inventory, etc. This articles reminds us that there are many different UX tools, and when one of them doesn’t work out for you, there is always an alternative tool.      
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)