Top Articles of the Week

User experience has become a highly developed field in the last couple of years, attracting many talented people into this field on interest. Here are the best articles I read this week, which gave me a larger perspective about the ideas behind UX:

1. Prove Yourself Wrong for Great UX

This article by Joel Marsh is about how data and user experience must go hand in hand in order to improve your product. It gives several tips about how to get there. Most of the tips are based on developing a new way of thinking about UX, for example, trying to find problems with your own work. I found Joel Marsh’s honesty about the hardships of user experience and the importance of embracing and understanding them – extremely refreshing.  

2. Taking the Marketing Approach to UX

Paul Andrew writes about how user experience can take place as a product that offers a solution for different problems. He numbers a few tips which help to catch the variety of perceptions about a successful product through user experience. I especially liked the way Andrew puts the business way of thinking into the user experience field, and shows how great user experience can lead to great marketing.  

3. How to Hook Users with Habit-Forming UX Design

This article, written by Nir Eyal, focuses on several different methods that aim to make your users hooked with your UX design. The main idea within this approach, is to get your users to use your platform on a daily basis, so it would become a habit. I found it interesting that the writer of the article emphasizes the idea of habit-forming UX design as a significant factor in order to keep your users hooked.  

4. Oversoaped in Los Angeles #wtfUX

This short and amusing article by Josh Tyson tells about a user experience incident the writer had in LAX airport. A sink in the airport’s bathroom seemed to have two options for dispensing water, by using a sensor or a push button, which lead to a misunderstanding and confusion among users. I especially liked how this story shows us that user experience, as well as bad user experience, can appear in very surprising places also in real-life.  

5. What Do You Need in Order to Be a UXer Today?

This article focuses on how nowadays everyone claims to be a UX designer, and gives some tips and things you need to know in order to not only be a UX designer, but actually be a great UX designer.

Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)