Top Blogs Every UX Designer and Software Developer Must Add to their Holiday Reading List

As an avid blogger, I often enjoy browsing through various other blogs and forums in order to gain insight into the latest trends in the field, in addition to discovering new information about the design industry as a whole.   I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite UX design and software and app development blogs written by a handful of respected experts in the field.   These blogs provide useful tips and suggestions on the software development and UX design process through their unique writing styles, and coupled with each writers’ personal experiences their content is golden.   So, this holiday season grab your snuggie and hot chocolate and snuggle up with these great reads!  

Six Revisions

This blog is for everyone from software developers to UX and UI designers. Jacob Gube publishes articles, guides and useful tutorials in order to provide readers with a look into the world of product and app development. This information filled blog is geared toward people who both build websites and design or build apps and other forms of technology.  

Boxes and Arrows

With topics from UX, research, business and design, the Boxes and Arrows blog contains a vast amount of content.  This peer-written blog is meant to promote writers who are eager to push the limits in the design industry. Their main goal is to enhance and improve the method in which information architecture is done, and with their diverse material they are surely succeeding in their mission. nbj0bbqvdnm-federica-campanaro-1


The Docker blog is for developers who primarily rely on Docker, a technology suite that allows IT operations and development to run applications from anywhere. This blog provides great understanding into how to ensure maximum productivity with Docker. If you’re feeling frustrated with the software or just can’t figure out the latest update, I highly recommend this blog!  

Luke W

Luke Wrobleswski is recognized world-wide for his digital product skills, and has designed many popular softwares. His blog consists of product strategy advice, focusing on digital product design providing useful insight into a successful product design.  

Coding Horror

Coding Horror Jeff Atwood, a seasoned web software developer focused his blog on the human aspect of software development. Atwood’s blog consists of fascinating articles about specific topics he has researched, along with his latest software developments.  

Usability Geek  

UsabilityGeek Justin Mifsud began this blog in order to spread the knowledge of the how crucial website usability is. Following the blog’s leap off the ground, it began to also cover a wider range of topics from user experience, information architecture and human computer interaction.
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