Top Cloud-Based UX Design Tools to Try Out

Below are some of the best suggested UX design tools that can assist you in the process of making the prototypes, mood boards and concepts. They are all cloud-based and allow you to plan a usability test, which may help you improve your user skill in most of your projects. UxPin UxPin is a design application, which creates interactive prototypes and wireframes. The user possesses a tool kit that has similar design elements together with a library of custom UI essentials. This design tool has a control version and enables users to share their projects with anyone including customers and shareholders. Invision Invision is one of the UX design tools that convert your designs to high-fidelity prototypes for mobile and web. The design is incorporated with fireworks, illustrator and photoshop. It lets you upload images and make use of hotspots to make interactions just like a real application. You can also send the desktop or mobile links to stakeholders and receive feedback right away. Solidify  This is a complete tool, which enables you to make clickable prototypes specifically oriented for client testing. You are able to test any interface at a particular development phase too. It makes it possible for you to create responsive prototypes and then connect with testers from all over the world. This tool provides you with reports about high valuable information on user behavior too. This includes where a user clicks and further usability reports. Notism Notism is one of UX design tools that let you craft interactive prototypes, share designs and receive effective feedback on projects from customers or co-workers and also add notes to confer projects with your editors and reviewers. It is also a great duty management tool that helps you boost up creative workflow. Quirk Tools Quirk Tools helps you to remain connected, creative and collaborative with co-workers and clients. It helps you share your original compositions and build prototypes straight to your web browser. MoqUps This is a natty HTML5 application used to make mockups, wireframes, UI concepts and prototypes. It makes them simple to use and refer to others too. HotGloo HotGloo aids you from prototypes to wireframes and from low-to-high-fidelity. With this design tool, you are able to finally attain wide concepts in a simple, quick and beautiful manner. Pick up an idea, obtain some feedback, evaluate and then improve over time, with this amazing design tool. Proto.IO Proto.IO is one of UX design tools that help you make prototypes, which work just like your real application would. It was specially made for mobile, thus it could imitate screen transitions, tough gestures and orientation changes. Choose a device and then add components to make your interface. Last but not least, UX design tools also include a tool known as It is a tool with a super-minimal interface, which gives the user an easy way to craft elements. It helps you to change the wireframe color and build clear layouts you want to share.


Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)