Top Product Design Blogs for Beginners

So, you’re looking for the best product design blogs to wisely spend your limited time. There are so many, and so many are really good, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day as it is, so you haven’t time to read them all, or to always be on the search for new information and new sources. The modern world has an information overload the likes of which was unprecedented before the internet, so this is understandable if not a bit troublesome at times. Journalism is now in the hands of field experts and average Joes where it should have ideally been from the start. This means that everyone has something to say and surprisingly at least 75% of what everyone says has some use and relevance, if you know how to approach it and where to look. Enough blathering about digital sociology. What are the best product design blogs for a busy individual who hasn’t enough time to be extensive? Let’s take a look at a few and see what they have to offer. #1 – Product Design Hub We’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend at least one hub location for collective blog posts and sources. For the busy professional, this sort of location is excellent for picking up on gems from blogs not on this list, or to spot new topics you may miss otherwise. Product Design Hub is a source for blog feeds from many, many design blogs in a myriad of fields all across the board. With an intuitive list interface and a decent sense of categorization, yet centrality, this is a great one to bookmark and gloss over daily. You may spot something intriguing you would otherwise have missed. Their site has occasional script issues that don’t break the site but may make the flow a bit off. It always works, though, no matter what. #2 – Core77 Core77 is an inclusive industrial product design blog covering a wide array of design topics and fields, be they manufacturing, tooling or digital design with equal interest and overage. Core77 provokes user interaction through design contests, rewards and guest blogs to bring about the finest collection of user-powered material you can imagine. But that’s not the end of it, they have countless experts and professional interviews to bring insight into design that’d be hard to find outside of lecture halls otherwise. Core77 is one that should be part of any design enthusiast’s daily regimen of periodical reading, no arguing that. #3 – DesignBuzz DesignBuzz is for the artist and intellectual in us all, but is also a very serious and contemporary general design blog as well. For those seeking inspiration or to simply stay in touch with new and unique ideas and innovations, DesignBuzz covers practical product design as well as experiments with new theories and unique things other designers have attempted, be they practical or impractical. DesignBuzz is one of those edutainment product design blogs you can’t help but get a smile and a nod of enlightenment from. #4 – Monkee Design Monkee Design is for the design student or the eternal scholar always looking to learn something new. Like most design blogs, it covers general design, but product design is a major portion of its coverage, offering new and unique techniques and accomplishments by student and master designers alike. While it shares DesignBuzz’s somewhat fondness for the artistic implementation of design, there is something to be learned from this as design, even in industry or the digital, is itself an art form. These are just four product design blogs, and as with many fields, they cover more than just product design. But, they are a source of inspiration and a way to think outside the box. In a limited schedule, these are a daily dose of enlightenment in the field of design.