Top Rated Help Systems that Boost User Experience

I cannot tell you how many times I have come across a service online and simple got stuck. Despite the flawless design and beautiful aesthetics they serve, some online services just haven’t gotten their help system down. It is so crucial that any service that is dealing with consumers will provide some level of help in order to maintain a great relationship with their customers and have them coming back. That’s why, in this article, I will aim to provide you with a streamlined list of help desk services that will provide you with a great experience. Let’s take a look at a few help desk software that provide an impeccable user experience.


Zendesk is a popular help desk software that provides a wide range of customer service features, including robust self-service options, ticket raising system through different channels including desktops, laptops, smart phones, social accounts and email accounts. It also provides a unified customer information view for the support team and provides the option to work with external partners. Enhanced User Experience Levels through Zendesk Zendesk provides a number of user friendly features through their various support platforms. The Various user friendly features provided by Zendesk are listed here. 1. Provides plug in for integrating Facebook with Zendesk, which would enable the users to raise their issue or service request tickets through their Facebook page. The Customer support team would directly get the ticket information posted to their Zendesk application and start taking the required corrective action 2. Comes with an automated solution for getting customer feedback, once the service request has been resolved 3. Provides analytics capabilities that would help the support team to take data driven decisions


This is another feature rich help desk software that brought out the concept of multi-channel customer support way back in 2005. Kayako has their headquarters in Boise, Idaho and two more support centers in India. Around 30,000 organizations of different sizes have been using Kayako. User Experience Levels  Through their wide range of support products, Kayako has been able to provide a rich experience to the users, mainly the support team in the following ways. 1. Enables the support team to provide customer support through different platforms including remote desktop, Email Tickets, VoIP, Live chat and self-help.  2. Self-service option comes with the amazing auto suggest feature. This feature would connect the user with the relevant knowledge base required for trouble shooting the problem 3. Provides easy to understand developer docs and easy access to source code. This enables the support team to include new functionality by opening the source code and adding the required code using the instructions provided in help manual

Zoho provides a rich suite of online collaboration and business productivity enhancement applications, which would help the office managers and the support staff to manage and provide support from their office premises and also when they are on the move. Some of the online applications that have been created by Zoho include CRM application, Mail application, Project Management software, office applications and Web Conferencing. It has its support centers in Austin, Chennai, Okahama and Beijing.  User Experience provided by Zoho 1. Provides secured remote support options through their Zoho Assist application without the need to worry about configuring fire walls 2. Provides smarter web conferencing solutions that enable the user to join the meeting from any device irrespective of the device operating system 3. Provides a collaboration platform for the users to escalate critical bugs and get immediate solution from the experts and facilitates knowledge sharing between users


WalkMe is actually a guiding software that acts like a navigation system and helps the online users to complete specific online tasks. This system provides step by step instructions to the online users on how to complete a particular online task. This system helps the UX managers to create user friendly applications which can be used by the end user as a self-guiding tool. User Experience Levels 1. Helps the UX managers to create walk through systems that would guide the new online users 2. Helps the users to easily and quickly complete an online task  3. Helps the UX managers to design interactive and intuitive systems for the users to work with


LivePerson is an online software primarily used for improving customer’s user experience aspects. For the business owners and service providers, it helps in creating real time connections with the business customers.  Ways in which LivePerson enhances User Experience LivePerson (LP) has different sets of products to improve the current experience levels. 1. LP Marketer application helps in creating personalized connections with the customers by constantly providing fresh product content 2. LP Voice application is primarily used to route calls to the correct voice support person based on the set of activities performed by end user in the website.  3. LP insights application helps to gather the requirements of a prospective user based on the type of actions performed by the user Service providers and Business owners can look at the features available in these products and choose a particular product that meets most of their requirements. These solutions would be extremely beneficial for the business owners and service providers having their business presence in a wide variety of industries including Retail, Financial Services, Education, Telecom, Travel and Technology. By providing such a rich experience to the users, such solutions would enable the service providers to know their customers better and target them with focused offerings.