Top 5 User Experience Companies of 2012

Developers and designers ought to do much more than presenting web users with a ‘presentable look’ when it comes to user experience. As for the top 5 user experience companies, a lot has been done in their operation and hence the need to distinguish them.

1. Quora 

In the year 2009 and 2010, Quora was a heavy buzz private beta company. It is a product of one of the finest brains of facebook. The Quora site was recognized by having a brilliantly exclusive UX since the beginning and has maintained the same glory ever since. The interactions featured in Quora are amazingly satisfying, look simple, they are fast and the engagement is done in an easy way. Other features which made it a favorite site is its ability to offer elements of hide and seek in the Q&A format and the quality of its membership.

2. Hipmunk User Experience

Hipmunk was able to project towards the runners up position due to its ability in changing an unreliable user experience (the flight search) into a magnificent and reliable one. Reimagining as the most vital yet helpful online search flight, it has entailed a number of features. Commonly, the way the outcomes are displayed. A convoluted multi exit feature was taken and made relevant to the eye and simple to work with. Big up to the co-founder, Steve Huffman for making a stressful inducing adventure into a successful user experience.

3. Seesmic Desktop II

Also featured in the list of top 5 user experience companies, Seesmic Desktop II launched a new yet exclusive and reputable desk top app a few years ago. A purely plug-in market is featured in the app making SD2 (Seesmic Desktop II) an all in one media meeting point of access. Also wrapped in a gorgeous and yet functionally useful UI with untold magnificence when it comes to details was the product of compatible windows which made it a pleasure to use as well as a glory to behold. The company has managed to produce a great product with satisfyingly good functionality.

4. Flip Board User Experience

It remains to be the initial iPad app whose main objective was to reimagine the social media as a factor newly manufactured. Developers and designers were yet again able to consider the high end designs, flossy and lean back experiences. So as to build a social magazine that is privatized for each user, there is integration of personalized facebook and twitter news feeds. It has made the work load of reading magazines significantly flexible and much better.

5. Roku Company

Wrapping up the list of top 5 user experience companies is Roku with its UI being simple, intuitive, bright and cleaner than any other. Whenever you use it, you are promptly reminded of the exhilarating interfaces of games which were more user friendly when it came to usage. In a word, the UX for Roku is excellent since it has made something complicated and inefficient (living room internet) into a pleasure to work with. Its top boxes come in winning costs, with an inbuilt Wi-Fi in each of them and are flexible to install. You will never like to miss out on this one. However, for the top 5 user experience companies, they have truly reflected the meaning of a true twist in technology. But the main question remains, will technology ever surpass human interaction making a generation of idiots?