The Top User Experience Tips and Tricks to Guarantee Your Business Succeeds

A lot of business organizations understand the importance of conversion rate optimization. These companies have expanded the broad scope of search engine optimization to help you generate more leads and increase conversion rates. A conversion optimized website is the best step to reach your customers, and generate more sales. In order to optimize your conversion rate, you need the best user experience tips.


Effective User Experience Tips

With effective tips, it becomes a lot easier to keep your end users satisfied. You’re also able to target a particular market to increase your website’s conversion rate. In order to optimize your website for user experience, you need to learn the dynamics of conversion optimization. In this post, we’ve discussed these dynamics to help you take necessary steps to optimize your website and increase conversion rates.



Visual appeal is one of the most important user experience tips to follow when you want to optimize your website to enhance user experience. You need to focus on some user experience guidelines. It is important to choose a decent background for your product with high quality images. A zoom function can allow a customer to properly study everything about the product. You should also use some videos to sell the product, and provide customers with a better experience.


Specification and Description

The product needs to be properly explained. You need to provide the customer with all the specifications he needs to make a decision. It is also important to list dimensions and measurements. Try to be creative and give some add-ons. For instance, if you’re selling clothes, you can give clothing size converters to help the customer make an informed choice. You can use user experience tools to gain an advantage.


Urgency, Stock and Ordering

It is crucial to promote your stock well on the page. You need to update ‘In Stock’ and ‘Out Stock’ messages promptly as per your stock. A customer should not put an item in his basket and get disappointment. Similarly, if your stock levels are low, you should keep the customer updated. This may even create urgency for the customer. You can even provide a booking service so that the customer can pay in advance, and request you to replenish your stock. Use of undercover user experience design is also recommended.


Specification and Price Options

This is one of the best user experience tips. If the price of the product differs through the specification or color choice, you need to state this clearly on the page. Moreover, if you’re giving a discount, you should show the original price of the product and current price in a different color. You also need to state the currency exchange rate for the customer’s location so that the customer does not have to make any effort and do the math.


Availability and Location

Last but not the least; in case you have a physical store where the customer can purchase the product, you need to mention it on the website. This is even more important if the product has been out of stock online. It is also better to state the stock levels per physical location. This will help the customer decide whether he wishes to wait for the product or buy something else. With these user experience tips, you can definitely increase your conversion rates.

Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)