User Interface Design Tools you Must Know

Designers have to take advantage of the best user interface design tools to come up with effective interfaces.

Top User Interface Design Tools and Software

Photoshop CC This is one of the leading user interface design tools. Photoshop CC gives you additional power, speed, and freedom to make images appear real. It takes less time to design interfaces with this tool. Photoshop CC automates image assets exporting and slicing. It comes with Smart Sharpen, a feature that makes elements stand out. This tool is one of the components of Creative Cloud. It allows you to enjoy a seamless, connected, and intuitive creative process. You can access this tool by signing up for Creative Cloud membership. Illustrator CC This is considered one of the most powerful user interface design tools. Illustrator CC is also highly connected. It comes with an innovative type tool that allows you to enjoy greater control over type. You can rotate, scale, and move individual characters to suit your requirements. It is also easy to change the copy and font with this tool. The tool also allows you to share work. If you are looking for a tool that makes it possible to work with type in a variety of ways, Illustrator CC is suitable. It is easy to design for the web with this tool because it allows you to copy and paste CSS code that is generated automatically. Individual characters function like distinct objects with this design tool. GitHub For those who are in search of user interface design tools that make it easy for them to write superior code within a short period, GitHub is appropriate. This design tool allows you to share code with ease. You can use this tool to share code with strangers, colleagues, and friends. Millions of people use this tool and this gives you an opportunity to create amazing things. Sketch 3 Sketch is designed to support several shadows, borders, and filler for each layer. This is a simple but very powerful tool. This is one of the user interface design tools that make it easy for you to export. It offers automated several resolution exporting and slicing. It allows you to make use of basic shapes and vector tools to come up with intricate shapes for user interfaces. You can easily edit the shapes in future and take advantage of progressive layer styles such as blurring, background, blending, noise, gradients, fills, and shadows. Sketch does more than offer shapes. It allows you to mask, crop, scale, and rotate imported images. You can add amazing topography to designs. With this tool, you only have to change interface elements like footers, headers, and buttons once and they are automatically update in the entire document. This design tool is developed for the Mac. You can sync your work with several Mac computers through iClound when you use Sketch. It was awarded the Apple Design Award and was named one of the best apps in 2012. Flinto This design tool is ideal if you want to create iOS prototypes. The prototypes run on iPads and iPhone and you can share them with anyone. To build a prototype with this tool, you have to link screens and set transitions. It works well with any type of image. You can add a rough sketch or mockup and replace them along as you progress. All you have to do is drops screen on pages and begin working because there are no uploads involved. It is possible to link screens together with this design tool, allowing you to add interactivity. All the screens will appear on a single page, making it one of the most intuitive user interface design tools. If you are looking for a design tool that will make it easy for you to test an app’s interface, Flinto is a great choice. Sketch Mirror This design tool was designed to collaborate with Sketch. Sketch Mirror allows you to preview designs on your Mac if they are stored on iOS devices. You can link the two over Wi-Fi. This tool will automatically scale designs to ensure they fit the screen resolution of the iOS device you are using. It is possible to run this tool on as many iOS devices as you want and link several of them to a single Mac client. Sketch Mirror will only work if you already have Sketch on your Mac. Slicy For designers who require user interface design tools that are capable of turning PSD components into images for apps or the web, Slicy is a good option. This tool boosts your creativity and productivity. This tool allows you to export to ICNS, JPG, TIFF, and PNG. It saves you a lot of time because you do not have to spend time separating components to make slicing easy. With this tool, all you have to do is design in context, rename groups and Slicy will do the rest. Slicy is capable of enlarging layers styles and vectors to come up with quality Retina version if you are designing at 1x. If you are designing at 2x, this tool will come up with a bitmap scaled 1x version when necessary. Framer. js This is one of the best user interface design tools for interaction and animation on mobile and desktop. Framer makes it easy for you to develop animations and interactions. It is developed for designers and it works well with Photoshop. If you are looking for an alternative to Keynote, Flash or Quartz Composer, this is a good alternative. When you use it with Photoshop, you can set up projects and export assets with greater ease. With this design tool, you can animate a variety of views in complete 3D space using Bezier curves and spring physics. ColorSnapper For designers who need user interface design tools that make it easy for them to identify colors of various pixels on the screen, ColorSnapper is appropriate. It comes with more than 10 color formats that include: · UIColor · NSColor · HSLa · HEX · RGBa These user interface design tools have been developed to simplify the interface design process. bnr14
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