Top UX Articles This Week

UX is a term usually used when it comes to apps, websites, or in other words – the digital world. However, one must not forget the users behind the “user experience.” The actual people who sit behind the screens. The articles gathered below, which summarize the best of the week in UX, demonstrate this very important acknowledgement – that when it comes to UX- the digital world cannot be separated from the real-world:  

1.      Only Paying Attention to Your Website and App? Your UX Probably Sucks

In this article, Jon Peterson shares an experience he had with one of the major airlines, in order to show that paying attention to real-world user experience is sometimes neglected in favor of digital user experience. The writer reminds us that UX of apps and websites of different companies is certainly important, but when creating UX, one must not forget that behind the screens stands an actual human being, interested in getting the best UX in real-life as well. This article is important for its reminder of a forgotten aspect of what we do.  

2.      Lean Mobile UX Lessons To Keep Your App From Sinking Like The Vasa Ship

In this great article, Greg Nudelman compares the UX of your app, to the Vasa Ship, in terms of the possibility that the two would sail smoothly, or sink into the bottom of the ocean. Throughout the article, the writer presents the history of the Vasa Ship and the methods used in applications UX, alongside the principals each follows, in order to show the similarities between the two. I especially recommend taking into consideration the simple prototypes that appear along the article, which show how simple, yet useful, creating a great UX for your app is.  

3.    IKEA Redesign – UI & UX Design

Ekrem Ates creates in this graphic article a new design for IKEA’s website, showing that even when you are one of the greatest UX designers when it comes to furniture creation, this skill does not necessarily transfer to the digital world. The writer claims that the simplicity, usefulness and cleanness of their products does not show in their website, and offers an alternative design. As a big fan of IKEA’s products, I loved the alternative website he created, and recommend on checking it out in order to see that the UX of IKEA’s website can actually be as good as their products UX.  

4.      4 UX Mistakes Killing Your Product (and how to fix them)

This article, written by Jerry Cao, gives a list of 4 UX mistakes people make, which may kill their product, even though it is actually great. After listing the different possible UX mistakes, the writer gives solutions to each and every one of them, giving the developers a chance to make their UX great, so that their great products will not flunk. What I found especially important about this article, is how it encourages UX designers to focus on practicality rather than theory, reminding that creating great UX must be based on actual experiences.  

5.      Creating a Responsive Design Menu

This article emphasizes the importance of creating a responsive design menu in order to make the UX of your product better. Sometimes the menu, which is actually the navigating system of a product, is being neglected, and the special attention it gets in this post is rather important in my opinion.  
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)