Top UX Articles You Don’t Want to Miss – November 26th-December 9th

To my dear readers, I have provided for you some engaging resources that you might have missed in the past two weeks, hoping that you could learn from them and become an even more passionate UX lover. And to all of the amazing influencers who have provided these fabulous resources – a huge thanks and thumbs up to you for being such pivotal figures in the field of UX. Remember, if you would like me to sum up your week for you with the top UX articles that you might have missed, subscribe to UX Motel today! Don’t hesitate to let me know if you ever have any questions. With that, happy reading! It’s Our Research Interview with Nate Bolt, Research Design Manager at Facebook by Tomer Sharon published on “It’s Our Research: Getting Stakeholder Buy-in for User Experience Resarch Projects” video companion via YouTube If you are looking for an engaging dialogue about UX issues, check out this interview between Tomer Sharon, UX researcher at Google, and Nate Bolt, research manager at Facebook, to understand why UX research gets ignored. Nate and Tomer share personal tricks in UX research – solving the “5 users is not enough” problem for usability testing; and getting emotional during conversations with UX stakeholders. Check out this great video between two powerhouse UX influencers to discover effect UX research tips and tricks and become a stronger researcher yourself. UIEtips: Device Experience & Responsive Design by Jared Spool published on User Interface Engineering Responsive design seems to be the new trend in the field of user experience and Jared Spool provides and explanation of the essence of responsive design by looking at a previous article Luke Wroblewski wrote, Device Experiences & Responsive Design. He also discusses how different media outlets affect user expectations and what drives users to buy specific hardware, thus driving responsive design forward. Peter Paul-Koch discuss these issue in his webinar, Solutions for A World of Countless Devices. Delve into Jared Spool’s UIEtips to learn what techniques to make the process of designing web applications and sites for multiple devices more manageable. Mental Models For UX, Search And Conversion by Ryan DeShazer published on Media Post In Ryan DeShazer’s article, he stresses that really understanding audience needs and expectations is the most crucial component to success across the Web, search included, and discusses how mental model maps are a key tool to use when creating websites and landing pages. A deep introspection into mental models uncovers the concept that understanding people’s thought processes and motivations makes for a richer overall Web experience, thus producing stronger conversion and engagement. Key in to this article by DeShazer to master mental model mapping in order to increase conversion and engagement. Mobile UX’s Tsunami-Sized Ripple Effects by Jared Spool published on User Interface Engineering Here, Jared Spool discusses the whole process of how mobile UX design affects users and what designers can do to embrace the whole process successfully. A pivotal point in this article discusses a crucial point in the mobile UX design process – content. Because mobile UX requires content to be streamlined for the small screen size that is presented to users, designers are faced with somewhat of a challenge – working with a separate team of management, content authors, editors, and publishers (a common issue in many companies today). Dive into this article to learn how you, as a designer, can promote a strong mobile user experience journey. Desktop Wallpaper Calendar: December 2012 (Christmas Edition) by Smashing Editorial published on Smashing Magazine A fun twist that I like to share with everyone in the beginning of each month is the top desktop wallpaper designs that Smashing Magazine publishes every month. Check out these awesome design by some of the most talented designers all over there. Perhaps you will find a design that will inspire you and help you stay on task during this busy holiday month.