A lot of enthusiasm is already streaming through web design, usablility, and UI/UX fanatics with just a few months left before launching of some of the top UX conferences of 2013. Just like 2012, 2013 will be filled with many UI, UX, and web design conferences spread over several countries in the world. These conferences seek to make an impact to the fabric of the society by embarking on projects to develop and improve the digital arena in a way that improves and impacts positively on the society today. These conferences and workshops include different activities including student design challenges, digital futures initiatives, and interaction awards. The student design challenges are meant to stir innovativeness based on the ubiquity and ever changing structure of technology. They capitalize on student’s perspective on technology as a way of communication to embed its aspects to daily life activities. The interaction awards on the other hand will seek to reward innovation over the past and current years. Top UX conferences of 2013 will be held by major cities in different countries across the world. This ensures that there is a global participation in the events. Some of the top UX conferences slotted for 2013 are as follows: 

Interaction 13

This event will be held in Toronto, Canada, one of the largest design centers in the world. The theme of the conference will be “social innovations with impact”. The conference will be held over four day duration between the 27th to 31st of January, 2013. The design conference embarks on a journey to define web designers’ role in social improvement through digital innovations. The four day conference will cover areas such as student design challenges, digital futures initiatives and the 2013 interaction awards.


This event is featured among one of the top UX conferences of 2013. This event will be held in Santa Monica, California, USA. The IUI 2013 brings together intelligent interface developers in the community, providing a forum for tabling outstanding research projects on interfaces. The conference will be held from the 19th to 22nd of March, 2013, with a rebuttal period between the 26th to 30th of November. The conference will major on topics such as intelligent visualization, use of algorithms in interface development, revolutionary technologies from MIT, and several other programs.

SXSW Interactive 2013

Scheduled to be held from March 8th to the 12th, this five day conference will feature presentations in user interfaces and digital technology. Also included will be networking events by leaders in the industry, trade shows, and other programs to showcase innovative designs in digital works and video games from international communities. The main topics will be SXSW, gaming start-up village, interactive awards, and trade shows. The event will be held at the Austin Convention Center.

LE WEB 2013

Le Web will be held in London, UK, between the 14th to the 19th of June, 2013. The event seeks to bring together major players in the industry that shape the working of the internet and its future. Participation will involve industry leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, large companies, and other influential industry gurus. The event will feature business presentations and projects relating to web design.