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Another week has come and gone and the UX-Sphere is buzzing as always. Each Thursday, I summarize and send all the best and most talked about User Experience articles, uploaded to the blog.

And, here they are:

Seamlessness in the Cross-Channel User Experience

Seamless user experience is one of the most important requirements for any usable and effective cross-channel experience. Jannelle Estes provides details about this new user experience plus tips on how to derive maximum benefits from it.

More than Usability: The Four Elements of User Experience, Part IV

In Part 111, Frank Guo, the genius behind this series of articles, explained the importance of four main elements of user experience. Today he takes an in-depth look at four elements of user experience. I found this article very intriguing and informative.

UX: A Link in the product life cycle chain

User experience is one of the trendy words in the business world today. Here are some facts prepared by Robert R Glaser about product cycle and the UX element to help you and I understand this issue much better.

How Design and User Experience Translates to the bottom line

The most successful companies in the world have invested in website design and user experience strategies. Below are some facts by Anthony Wing Kosner on how design and user experience can grow your business.

Responsive Design: A critical Piece of User Experience

Technology has revolutionized the manner in which designs are developed and implemented. Due to the any options available, it is really difficult to differentiate between the real and unreal options. Baruch Sachs takes a closer look at how a responsive design can help solve some of the most common problems.

The User Experience in the Age of Self Tasking Webinar

Webinars are very effective in disseminating information to target audience. Here is an informative webinar on how to transform and improve user experience as well as practices that can guide you in adapting a self tasking interface. Prepared by Mean Wilson

Hope you enjoyed the top UX articles of the week!

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