Top UX News This Week

Time is the most valuable resource I have these days, and I find myself having to make hard choices of which articles to read. Some of the articles I did manage to read this week are listed below. Enjoy.  

1. How to Respond to Typical UX Project Challenges

Most people recognize the importance of user experience now days. Baruch Sachs built a robust UX consulting practice within a large software consulting firm to tackle the problem of developers not putting enough emphasis on user experience. In this article you can learn from one of the best on how to tackle common UX project challenges.

2. Is Your User Experience (UX) A Big Failure? It’s Time For A UX Review!

This article by Jess DelBalzo offers steps and tips on how to review your site’s user experience. The emphasis is on UXO (user experience optimization), and how to understand your user’s experience from the ground up. It was helpful to be reminded that UX can lead directly to an increase or decrease in sales. and not to neglect your site’s UX.

3. Making the Most of the Agile User Experience Approach

In this article, Aurimas Adomavicius talks about how enterprises are starting to recognize the benefits of UX, and leverage them with product implementation. The two main project management frameworks, agile and waterfall, don’t handle UX in the same way. The author offers suggestions on how to keep UX in mind while implementing each project type.  

4. Communication: The Cure for Common UX Design Challenges

Patricia Cranmer explains how important it is that the UX Designer put him/herself in the shoes of their customer in the initial stages of the project. The UX designer is the voice of the customer, so communicating with them early on can prevent pitfalls and agony from the customer side.  

5. Steps to Effective Usability

This article which is taken from a white paper you can download for free , details how to refine your site or software to improve its usability by simple tactics that can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your ux software. Among them – concise content, quick clicks, swift scanning and deliberate diagrams.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)