UI vs UX – The Secret Weapon to Your Product Strategy

What’s the difference between UI and UX you say? This was the first question I asked myself when I saw these ambiguous abbreviations of what I thought was certainly something techy at the time, but had no idea what they really meant. Being the impatient web surfer I am, I had to Google these abbreviations and find out what they meant. After finally figuring out what UI and UX stood for, I thought to myself, “well, those abbreviations make sense…but…what the hell is the difference between User Interface and User Experience?” They tell you that the best approach to marketing and pitching your product is to tell a story. Well, Dain Miller does just that, providing a great metaphor describing the differences between User Interface and User Experience. As Dain Miller puts it: UI is the horse. UX is the saddle, the stirrups, and the reigns. In simple terms: UI is what we see in front of us. UX is what we feel when looking at what is in front of us. Make sense? I believe this distinction is crucial to get right the first time you hear these terms because the gap between the two is large. Think about it. As a business that markets your site online, you can create a solid or even great user interface, but still not produce a successful experience for your user. When it comes to business, your product is all about the experience your users face. So, what’s the secret weapon to your product strategy? That’s right, the user experience. It’s simple to lose sight of the underlying importance of your site…I mean, hey, we all want our biz to look pretty, right? While looking good is an essential element to marketing your product, what happens after your user reaches your interface is key, and where lots of business experts miss the mark. You have great power in your hands – the power to influence the way your users feel. Make the most of your user interface but not forgetting that what happens after the fact is what will distinguish between your one-time visitor and your dedicated customer. Check out Dain Miller’s article to get a detailed explanation of the difference between user experience and user interface.