Understand Your Users and Give Your Website a Facelift for Free

In my time evaluating and reviewing endless amounts of software applications and websites, I’ve come to understand something: creating a smooth user experience and an attractive user interface – is no easy task.

If launching the product is already a difficult feat, think about the effort it takes to update a website or application. Think about the effort it takes to stay current with the ever-changing trends! Not to mention the increasingly agile competition by the ever-growing demands of the customers. What a nightmare!

So, how do you create a smooth user experience?

Give your site a facelift.

Giving your site a “facelift” requires you to adapt to the market and consumer needs; which, in turn, will increase your profitability. These days, a website is like a sales guy pitching your product to users. When updating your site to match current trends and market needs, there is one critical issue you need to take into consideration — user feedback. You need to analyze user reactions in order to deliver the necessary solutions.

But, somehow, websites are actually becoming more complex – instead of more intuitive – which is exactly where technologies like WalkMe comes into play.

What is WalkMe?

WalkMe is the simple solution for upgrading the usability and user experience of any website or app – without any changes, coding or programming to your systems. WalkMe™ is like having a GPS, but instead of driving directions, when needed, users are led every step of the way through their online activities. Through a series of interactive tip-balloons overlaid on the screen, activities are broken down into short, step-by-step instructions. These balloons help users progress during their online experience.

The Pros of Analytics

What is really impressive about this tool is its analytics system. WalkMe’s analytics allows website administrators to gain critical user feedback.  You can see a first-hand-account of how users are navigating your website. This allows you to pin-point those parts of the website that need improvement.

WalkMe makes it easier for you to know exactly when your user finishes a task- or when they get stuck. By focusing on the pages that might be losing visitors, you get the chance to understand what features need improvement. You can improve the ‘walk-thru’ guides at any point. You can edit content, alter the location of the content on the page, or even insert questionnaires into the page. You can give your ‘flow’ a facelift.

If you want to give a user-friendly, cost effective facelift to your website – WalkMe is the tool that gets the job done.

See for yourself using the free version here.

Walkme for UX