User Experience Advertising Tips

Indeed advertising and user experience are two sides of the bridge that ought to be brought together. Without the other, this aspect seems to cancel the effort of one another if they are not used simultaneously. On the one hand, putting into operation a fun user experience is an art – user experience is geared towards maintaining the user satisfied and ensuring that they feel in control. The aspect of maintaining a high user experience is a tall order for many advertisers to achieve and constantly maintain. Then again, to carry out a successful advertising campaign, the advertiser should bring into effect the most suitable attributes in a given advert which will convince the customer by way of making his user experience while interacting with the product a pleasant one. This is only effective if the only if the consumer feels they are in control of all the aspects of the product. The product can be physical or a machine. The physical attributes of a product ought to be desired by the intended user in mind. While advertising, these aspects of the products are the ones that are made known to the intended consumer. This is in an attempt to arouse a need in the customer to purchase the product. On the other hand, there is the machine and man’s interaction that is best described by the term; Human computer interaction (HCI). In this case the user experience is based on the manner the user feels when he is interacting with the machine. · The user experience advertising advertisement ought to focus on the practicality of the product · The comfort and the ease of using the products · Other important aspects concerning the product which advertiser feels the consumer should know ought to be brought to light. In recent times, user experience has for the most part become a trendy term, particularly in the online industry. User experience directed at the online industry encourages participants to ensure their products are more than average and are irresistible to the consumer. Advertisers ought to promote the WOW factor for users. Products should progressively transform from being regular to a world-changing state. This is only possible if the advertiser pays attention to all the details of the product whether major or minor. Other important tips that any advertiser should take note of should include: · Aesthetics factor- making sure that the product is visually attractive to the intended consumer should be well thought out and considered. An attractive product increases the interest that the consumer has towards the product. In the long run the probability of the customer purchasing the product is increased. · Eliminate any distractions on the advertisement- there should be an attempt by the advertiser to ensure the most import aspects of the product are not overshadowed by minor unsubstantial aspects. · Consistency- considering that they are numerous advertisements all purporting to promote similar products. To keep at the head of the pack, advertisers ought to ensure that the various segments of the advertisement are in unanimity to collectively convey the intended message. User experience advertising ought to employ the of use the above pointers and many others to attain a high user experience on their products and services.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)