The Latest in User Experience News


With modern advancements in technology and the rapid shift to the OPEX business model of the internet, the user experience has become a fundamental concept.

Several UX specialists carry out the user experience research not only to come up with top solutions for user experience designers, but also to discover dependable user experience tools. It is expected that the user experience will be even more vital in the coming years, thanks to the expansion in the mobile app market that is characterized by an increase in the use of smartphones.

Here is some of the latest in user experience news, in relation to how they matter to a business and the client.


Breaking User Experience News


Apple’s News

Apple is headed towards fast content delivery through high speed network Apple is now geared towards building a high speed networking infrastructure to boost its content delivery. For a long time Apple has relied on traditional network providers and the use of specific software.

For instance, they developed iTunes for media management, iCloud for photo storing and Siri, an integrated virtual assistant. According to the latest news, Apple Inc. is heavily involved in assembling a high speed network and upgrading how it has often built data centers. It also plans to introduce a streaming music, which is typically an upgrade of the iTunes service. The streaming service is also expected to extend to the TV network, via the Apple TV.


The company values the user interface and with the upgrade of the content delivery, they will most definitely satisfy the iOS users. Their responsibility now is to build a stronger cloud infrastructure through two main initiatives. First, they will build a faster network and then upgrade data centers. With these two, the UX of the Apple devices will be friendlier and more efficient.


MasterCard releases QRK app for on-seat meal ordering

The release of QRK app by MasterCard is only an example of how mobile apps play a big role in spearheading the user experience and redefining it. According to the latest user experience guidelines  and user experience News from MasterCard, the QRK app has already been released globally and used in some restaurants and even sports arenas.


The financial companies have promised to release this in-seat food and beverage ordering app that will improve convenience to an incredible level. Some have compared it to the Amazon, online shopping experience. Once the users have downloaded the app into their gadgets, they will include the credit card details, which will be processed by MasterCard. In addition to the credit card details, the user must also specify the category of service and location that they are purchasing the service from, whether a hotel or a stadium. Leafs and Raptors fans in Toronto, Canada will be the first to use this service to order their beers, nachos and hot dogs in the arena.


So basically, this service makes it easier for the users to order their meals, thanks to a programed user interface that enhances the UX. What’s more, users do not incur any extra cost when ordering using the app. The QRK app can be applied in several places ranging from sports arenas, hotels and restaurants and many more.


MicrosoftOffice 365 News

Microsoft Office 365 has a new user experience tools features for online users. This user experience news will delight many people who use Office 365 to achieve various activities. Microsoft has done a number of upgrades and updates to the entire Microsoft Office package.

For instance, there is now a new quicker access to notifications, which is not available in the previous Office 365. Users will be able to quickly access a new notification panel that will display various details including, real-time updates to the system alerts, communications, personal reminders, new mails, among others. All this can be accessed and viewed easily by clicking on the notification bell icon.


The new Microsoft Office 365 features an updated Help pane and the New releases are featured in an advanced panel. The help button features a quick aid via a search box and the What’s New feature is linked to the application that is running at that time. It therefore helps users learn how to use the new features that have been upgraded into the system.

Users will be able to integrate Skype for business conversations. For that, they will communicate with customers and colleagues under the Office 365 in real-time. You can now start a voice or video conversation with more colleagues using your inbox’s own productivity.



More user experience news is being released into the market, which means that any UX manager must always be alert to know of any new release. The news is specifically meant to inspire the user experience managers and designers to add or remove specific aspects in their platforms, for the good of the customers. The news will always change and new ideas will be introduced, due to the ever evolving technology and the mobile devices platform, which holds over 70% of the technology. Without a doubt, the news provides an avenue for users to undercover user experience design and tips.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)