The User Experience Tool Every Pro Needs to Know About


The user experience of any web app or website is very vital. In many ways, it will determine the number of visitors that access it. If users find the interface of the web app or website friendly, then they will definitely want to visit it again. For the user interface to be easy to use, using a powerful user experience tool will make things easier. These tools can also be called the user experience design tools and they are the general determinants of the user experience design process.


What is a User Experience tool?

This can be defined as Ux software used by UX managers to develop the user interface so that it is friendlier and with fewer errors, while making it more comfortable and easy to use. It helps to make the entire user interface easier to access and in turn, there will be more productivity. The tool is basically what every professional UX developer and manager will need in order to come up with a friendlier user interface. When the user experience is friendlier, then the platform will have more productivity.


What are the major aspects of a user interface tool?

There are some specific qualities that a good tool must have in the development of a reliable user interface. These are the aspects that will help to come up with a reliable user interface, which will in turn increase its usability. Here is a look at some of the common aspects of the UX tool;


• Ability to measure users’ happiness. The tool that you choose must be able to measure if the users are contented with the design of the interface.

• Flexibility. The tool that you choose must also be flexible enough, whereby, it should be able to be accessed easily from a different source, other than    the main source.

• Retention measurement. A good user experience tool must be able to indicate if the current users are still active, or if they have left the platform. It        must also be able to indicate whether there are new users or not.

• User’s activity identification. Another important feature of the UX tool is that it must be able to measure the common activities of the users, while    identifying the ones they perform most.

• Ability to identify the activeness of the users. The tool must also show you if the users are active on the interface or not. This will help you to know if      it is being more productive or not.

• Typos indicator. A good user experience tool must be able to indicate the errors and any other weak spot that is making users unsatisfied with the      platform. This can help you fix the dead ends and ensure that the platform is back to more productivity. Generally, you must choose a tool that works perfectly and one that will perfectly fit in your platform.


The Top Tool Every Professional UX Manager Must Have

Even though you must choose a user experience tools according to the type of your user interface, there is one tool that any professional would want to know about, which is WalkMe. WalkMe is a UX tool that has a close contact with your users and it will guide them, engage and drive them to specific actions. It has been basically designed to boost the online user experience.

The tool helps the managers of the user experience to enhance the rate of conversions, as well as enhance the long-term value of users. In addition, the tool will help to limit the stir up and attrition, while it enhances new and progressive features. Regardless of the UX manager’s experience in using the WalkMe tool, they will be guided on how to use it and also, they will be able to come up with personalized, intuitive and simple UX.


What can WalkMe do?

WalkMe is a tool that any pro UX manager would want to use, since it will be able to perform the following functions;

• Limits the stir ups and slow downs.

• It boosts the usability of the site instantly.

• Solves the inconveniences in time. The tool will be able to get rid of any twinge of the user, before it develops. So you will be sure of having a tool to     fully satisfy your user.

• Enhances the productivity of the users.

• It will carry out the monitoring and analytics, so you will be able to view the performance of your platform.

• This tool will also provide you with a better opportunity for up-selling to cross selling.

• The tool will give power to the user when accessing your platform, meaning that the users will work with more confidence.

• You will be able to cater to all your audience around the globe. For that, you will not have to worry about your global audience, since all will be well taken care of.

  WalkMe is a tool that is suitable for your platform and it will also deliver the right services and functions to your web app or website. In addition to this, you can also get some user experience tips online and get to know how to benefit more from WalkMe.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)