The User Interface Design Tools You Need to Know

The development of a graphical user interface is what determines the success of any web application or website. To do this, it is important to find the right interface design software. You really cannot come up with an amazing user interface when you do not even have the required tools. The good thing is that there are many types that you can choose from depending on your project.

The Top User Interface Design Tools

Photoshop CC

If you are looking for a tools that can make the images on your platform to look more real, you should consider using Photoshop CC. Every designer knows that the appearance of images on any interface is a major factor that determines whether or not people will like it. The images slicing and exporting capabilities of this tool make it more suitable according to most user experience tips. One of the things that make it a preferred tool for most designers is the way that it is easy to use. If you look at graphical user interface design examples, you will notice that that user interface design tools that offer simple usability help to save time and energy as well as other resources. Particularly, the Smart Sharpen feature is what you will be using to make elements more elegant without having to go through many complicated procedures.

Illustrator CC

You must have realized that most of the samples found online have heavily relied on Illustrator CC. This is because this tool gives you an easier control over the prototype. It is connected to a whole set of features that work within the tool to make your work much easier. As a designer, your attention should be drawn to the way that you can adjust the characters to fit your own unique needs. In addition to that, it ranks high among the popular user interface design tools because you can change the fonts and then copy them on the prototype. You also can proceed to share your work easily. It is one of the tools that you will find more effective when you want to use the same files to work on multiple interfaces. You do not have to keep searching for the same file all the time to add in the fact that it helps you to save a lot of time.


There are many benefits to using the recommended UI design tools because of course, there are endless benefits to having good design.

Reduces Your Long and Short Term Costs

Once you are aware of any problems in your user design, your production team is able to focus, early on, on updating existing products and working on new products. More time will be devoted to improving your product and inevitably making your user experience more positive.

Lower Customer Support Costs

With customer support costs often on the rise, companies want to be mindful of any issue that would contribute to a user needing to seek help. If your product has a good design, that being, simple and easy to use, the likelihood of support being contacted is minimal.  Good design through the use of UI design tools also lowers your training costs.

Improve Customer Retention

Simply put, if a customer is satisfied with the product, has a positive user experience due to good design, they will stay. If your customers are happy, then they will likely stay and therefore, attract new and happy customers as well.


Of course, there are several other user interface design tools and graphical user interface design examples that you can use. With such amazing tools at your disposal, coming up with great looking web apps or websites should not be a difficult anymore. Your creativity will help you to come up with the best results.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)