Using UX Strategies for E-commerce Success

It is important to understand how you can use UX strategies for e-commerce success. The two components are linked closely together, and they can have a direct impact on how much success you see with your business.   Almost 74% of businesses believe that the user experience is important for improving sales and conversions, according to data in Econsultancy’s User Experience Survey Report. What most companies don’t understand, though, is that having strong UX strategies ensures that customers have a pleasant shopping experience and make them want to come back time and time again. When customers are confused or have too much thrown at them, they are put off by the site and may not return. Understanding how to use UX for e-commerce will ensure a much higher revenue and rate of return customers. Users need to feel comfortable using your website for any chance of having a successful user experience. Sadly, many users get easily confused when they visit a site, forcing them to wildly search around for what they are looking for or even giving up entirely. Some things that can prohibit UX success include having unclear messages, bad spacing issues, illegible print, and pages that are hard to navigate. These issues plague many online stores, and they don’t understand that having the right approach can lead to not only UX success, but e-commerce success as well. The Key to Increased Sales 1415242_money_trading_4 (1) So, how do you tighten up your user experience so that you see an increase in sales? The key point to rememb Even if you have the best services and deals around, nobody wants to sift through troublesome pages to find what they is that customers who are having a bad time are not going to be receptive of what you have to offer. What you need to do is empower your customers so that they feel like they are in control of every situation that arises. The key to UX for e-commerce is letting the customer have what they want, and letting them do the promoting for you. UX for E-commerce Success Secret #1 Here’s how you blend both UX strategies with e-commerce success: you give your customers the tools to do what they want. Provide them with space where they can write their own reviews and testimonials. Not only will this help you promote your products and services, but it will show other customers that you aren’t afraid of giving people who are not paid in any way an opportunity to critique what you have to offer. Customers are more likely to get something when another customer recommends it. UX for E-commerce Success Secret #2 Next, don’t hide things in the background away from your customers. Let them see the certifications that you have received so that they know your site is safe and that you are reliable. Another way to show your hand is to always let the shipping fees of your items be revealed before the checkout process. It’s too low of a tactic to add shipping fees on after they are ready to check out. People want to know how much their purchase will be, and you should be open and honest about how much it will cost them. UX for E-commerce Success Secret #3 Speaking about the checkout process, make this as painless as possible for your customer.710597_money_under_the_mouse_1 If you really want UX success, you need to eliminate the amount of information and the number of pages your customers have to click through. Don’t ask them a bunch of questions or get them to sign up for a newsletter or anything. Respect the fact that your customers are using your services and that they want to get in and out so that they can be on their way. When you have too many pages for your customers, they can get frustrated and may even take their business elsewhere because they know it will be processed faster. UX for E-commerce Success Secret #4 Ultimately, there is one clear link for UX strategies and how successful they are. Everything boils down to knowledge.  If your customers are knowledgeable, they are able to navigate your site quickly and effortlessly. They can get the tools they need to complete a job, and help others who are having a similar issue. Giving customers knowledge is a very powerful thing, but not all companies take advantage of it. Many get fed up when they can’t find the answer they are looking for or are stuck on the same page because of an error they can’t get past. This leads to anger, and that anger is very damaging when striving for UX strategies for e-commerce success. UX for E-commerce Success Secret #5 1413992_smile_more_worry_less So, what’s the best way to ensure UX success without having to change your entire framework? The answer is WalkMe, a great program that making a huge impact in the e-commerce world. WalkMe is a unique software that give your customers the tools while keeping you in charge. It lets them accomplish much more than they could ever do alone, and gives them the feeling of power.  It’s the perfect companion to UX strategies. As a site owner, you can choose what WalkMe can do. It will provide helpful text bubbles for those in trouble and easy solutions for people who want answers. WalkMe acts like a real customer service rep, without having a physical person on the other side of the keyboard. It can be as advanced or as basic as you want, and nothing compares to it. Walk people through the checkout process or help them edit their address, things like this are possible with WalkMe. When you pair WalkMe with your UX strategies, success is practically guaranteed. Take the right steps to keep your customers happy. By understanding these qualities, you will be able to incorporate UX strategies for e-commerce success for yourself.

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