UX Best of the Month Roundup

Every product manager dreams of the “UX dream team,” which will bring to huge success to their product. The articles bellow collect the most important facts and insights one needs to know in order to create a great product user experience, with a little help from our ux-experts. Hope you’ll find these top articles useful and interesting.

1. Why every member of your team should be a UX expert

In this article, Matthew Hussey writes about how user experience awareness among your creative and technical team is required in order to make a successful feature, app or any innovation. Even when it is not a part of their core job description, when it comes to the field of user experience, a team that aims for great UX must have knowledge from other different fields. Even in the age of multitasking and technology, team-work comes in handy when passing around a design among the non-designers in the team, who are not trained to notice the nuances of UX designing, and can actually illuminate on your innovation’s flaws and benefits.

2. The Difference Between UX And UI Design

Amanda Cline writes about the differences between user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design. The writer begins with describing the differences between the two, in order to grab a better understanding on the term “web design” nowadays. Cline emphasizes the importance of both fields, and that is what I especially liked about her article – the emphasis on the fact that UI and UX separately will experience some difficulties when trying to design a successful product.

3. 4 Steps to Build an Awesome UX Team

This article, written by Jennifer Winter, gives to its readers several steps that will eventually help create the UX team of their dreams. The writer mentions that every organization will of course structure its team differently, although the fundamentals of creating an awesome user experience remain the same. The four-steps-plan includes promoting a UX-friendly environment, creating support within your organization and letting every worker to own one UX field, setting the right goals, and testing everything several times. I liked Winter’s vision, of creating a fast-track to becoming a ux-friendly company.  

4. Why every member in your team is a UX Designer

This article, by Ariel Verber, focuses on the importance of team-work when it comes to a great UX design. The writer uses a fictional product he invented, in order to show how lack of UX knowledge in every stage of the product development (designing, developing and product managing) can make the entire process go wrong and sabotage the user’s experience. I found the creativity of the article very refreshing, as well as the acknowledgment of the fact that every stage taken by the product-making-team has a part in making their user experience great.  

5. Simplify Your Projects by Using a UX Checklist

In this article, Joseph Dickerson writes about a simple, yet important tool, which can always simplify the UX design process – a checklist. This simple solution helps you to make sure your team remains focused on its main goal, and helps keeping the employees productive. Dickerson lists the values that a UX project checklist brings to its users. I truly enjoyed the idea of a list, a tool used so many times in “real life,” becomes a handy solution in the technological world of UX.

6. 10 Tactics to Boost Your User’s Experience

This article lists 10 simple tactics you must make in order to boost your user’s experience. Improving the user’s experience is a crucial move, mostly because it builds trust and satisfaction within your audience, which in the end of the day, make them return and use your product more and more.    
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com