The Latest UX News You Must Read

For many individuals, user experience normally comes to their minds in the context of technical devices such as smart phones, software, computers, and even websites. Nevertheless, many people have hundreds of daily user experiences over the course of a day. It’s important to be mindful of the latest in UX news in order to guarantee that your user experience is always at its best.


User experience design is a concept that has a number of dimensions. It usually includes several different disciplines like interaction design, visual design, human-computer interaction, and usability. The main goal of UX design in business is actually to improve the customer satisfaction and also loyalty via the utility that is usually provided in the interaction with the product, and its ease to use. In short, UX design is basically the process of designing both physical and digital products that are useful, delightful to interact with, and easy to use.


The following are some of the UX news that you must be familiar with.

2015 Top UX Predictions

UX Magazine compiled the responses of their contribution on this year’s predictions that regards user experiences. According to their contributors, people are going to witness the importance UX expanding, with design experience working deeper into organizations, products, service, and also into the lives of those individuals who interact with them.


When to make use of the right user-experience research methods

User experience research methods answer so many questions today. Therefore, creating a clear UX research strategy is very important. There are more than 20 methods mapped across three dimensions and still over time within a distinctive product-development process.


Prototyping for the best products, happier clients and stronger teams

Many designers tend to share similar burdens when adapting to mobile products. Looking into the latest trends in the mobile world is definitely important UX news you must read.

When it comes to the graphical user interface, it’s a success simply because it simplifies both the input and the output between two minds, the user and the computer, which usually work very differently. Some of the best graphical user interface design examples include the Android general interface, Google drive, and the YouTube.


In addition, the success of a web application or website mostly depends in how well the user interface is designed. There are a range of user interface resources which allows the designer to access, redefine, as well as create a well-crafted user interface. Finding the right user experience tool is important for your success.  Some of the user interface design tools that a web designer may use to realize his or her design goals include ForeUI, LivePipe UI, Napkee, and Gliffy.

If you want to achieve a great user interface, it’s good for you to read some of this UX news.

Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)