This Week’s Best in UX

Mover Over Product Design, UX Is The Future For a long-time, product innovation has been seen as the most powerful marketing tool. But this has changed over the last couple of years. Rick Wise’s article takes a look at why UX is taking over from product design at such an alarming rate. Designing A Child-Friendly Website: A True Changer Children are a unique audience. They want to find what they need without straining or spending minutes waiting for the files to load. Jane Quiby’s article takes an out-of-the-box look at what it takes to build a child-friendly site. UI Animation and UX: A Not-So-Secret Friendship Animations, when used appropriately, can prove useful to providing cues, guiding the eye and softening the hard edges of web interactions. But how do you ensure to use animation without annoying your customers? Val Head simplifies the science of CSS animation. The Fuss over Samsung’s Magazine UX Is All about Fragmentation Samsung’s latest user interface is expected to take the market by storm. And although it has sparked some controversy from Android-owners Google, one cannot help but admire its beautiful design. Matt Hamblen brings the fuss over Samsung’s Magazine UX to perspective. How to Crack the Code to Intuitive Usability And here’s one I wrote- In order to ensure intuitive usability, you need to understand what your users want. This requires you to study your visitor-trends. I wrote this article to highlight the formula of cracking the intuitive usability.


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