This Week’s News in UX

In this week’s best in UX, we offer a number of tips, steps, and ways to connect with your customers in a more significant and meaningful way.  1. Four Ways to Break Into User Experience In this article by Patrick Neeman he offers some excellent insights into breaking into the field. If you’re not sure how to make the leap, this article will provide some strong guidance. 2. 7 Writing Tips for Creating Great User Experience Steve Aedy’s article offers excellent advice on how to write copy which will lead to a great user experience. people are talking about latest Ux news 3. 5 Steps To An Uber User Experience Job Description In Craig Tomlin’s article he tackles the User Experience job description. What should it look like? And what exactly should it involve? If you’re not sure you’re putting out the best UX job description possible, this article is for you. 4. 5 Reasons User Experience is More Important in 2015 Than Ever Before In Kristina Cisnero’s article, she looks at the growing importance of UX for digital marketing. From the optimization of landing pages to a more personalized experience for the user, Cisnero makes a strong case for the future of UX. 5. 10 Fascinating User Experience Trends 2015 Finally we tackle some of the most fascinating UX trends for 2015 in this article. We look at de-cluttering design, mobile-first design possibilities and a movement away from text to icons and images. 2015 is bound to bring important strides in this area. For additiomal UX information go to ux news page and get all updates on latest news. Get the latest Ux news - text image
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)