WhatsApp Launch “WhatsApp Video Calling”, Giving Users Exactly What They Needed and Wanted

Have you seen the ever-so-famous poop emoji? What about some of the other “classics?” Many of the ones seen nowadays are some of the designs created through WhatsApp.   WhatsApp is a globally popular messaging app (over 1 billion users worldwide) that has nearly everything including multi-platform capabilities and unique emojis to help people all over the world to seamlessly communicate with one another.   Did I say nearly everything? Seems that just changed.   One thing severely lacking was video calling, a feature in use for years and currently, in use by Skype, Apple’s Facetime, Viber, Line, and more recently Google’s Duo, and WhatsApp seems to have finally gotten the hint and will soon be catching up.   According to TechCrunch, a group of users, has reportedly received the feature in beta versions of the app, said the video calling features the option to change between rear and front-facing camera mid-call, as well as the standard mute and red hang-up buttons with different layout and sizes depending on the device.
  As late in the game as they are, WhatsApp boasts being the most popular messaging app in the world by a large margin, according to Cnet, used more than any other in 109 countries. With a user base like WhatsApp’s, it shouldn’t be hard to keep up with even skype which has a significantly longer run than most.

WhatsApp Video Calling – The Missing Link

Despite the delay, WhatsApp is now giving their user base their number one most requested feature to add to their messaging experience and prevent inconveniences such as switching to another app for a video call. Additionally, WhatsApp has an advantage as a cross-platform app to knock down   Additionally, WhatsApp has an advantage as a cross-platform app to knock down the competition like Facetime and Duo which are limited to which devices they can be used on.   I wouldn’t be surprised to see WhatsApp become the go -o app for everything messaging related from this point onwards. When the video calling feature comes out, Facebook’s WhatsApp will be providing absolutely all ways of communicating in one app for any device.   Users won’t have any hassle with switching to another app for any of their needs, or worry about using the same app on a different device.   Simplicity, practicality, and quality. We can all learn from WhatsApp on how to provide for our own user bases. I’m looking forward to the added feature on my own WhatsApp.
Megan Wilson is user experience specialist & editor of UX Motel. She is also the Quality Assurance and UX Specialist at WalkMe Megan.w(at)walkme.com