Great Video: What is UX?

This video by is an excellent aid to understanding what UX is. The video is presented in an animated form and breaks it down simply, allowing the viewer to understand the concept of UX clearly. It demonstrates that UX is comprised of design, accessibility, usability, system performance, marketing, and utility, rather than simply stating

My Favorite Articles about User Experience

Successful companies have recognized that UX has a direct impact on their bottom line. These companies don’t succeed by chance. Here’s a brief compilation of my favorite articles than can also help you improve your UX. 1. Five Ways To Attract Great User Experience Designers To Design Enterprise Applications Most enterprise apps require multimillion dollar implementations,

3 UX Analysis Methods You Need to Know

First and foremost, what is UX analysis? Normally, it is when we do something in our daily customer service which improves the satisfaction level of our customers. It actually involves human-computer interaction design. This is simpler said than done, that the above topic is the study of how human interacts with machines and the environment