What Are the Minions Saying About These Websites Designs?

  Seeing all the terrible (and some quite good) website designs on the web, and being an avid fan of the Minions got me thinking: What are the Minions saying about these website designs? User experience is a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics. Some companies achieve this balance with an aesthetically pleasing yet functionally

Best of the Week Roundup

This week’s UX roundup is all about delivering great user experience. How’s a day in the life of a GoPro designer looks like? What’s Google and Yahoo’s UX lessons? What’s Microsoft UX development process? All of this, and much more, below: 1. GoPro’s Guide to Great UX This article by Clair Byrd includes an interview

The User Interface Design Tools You Need to Know

The development of a graphical user interface is what determines the success of any web application or website. To do this, it is important to find the right interface design software. You really cannot come up with an amazing user interface when you do not even have the required tools. The good thing is that

5 Thoughts to Reflect Upon Before Designing Apps for Wearables

Since the beginning of the year, the Apple Watch has been the talk of the town. Although Android Wear and Google Glass both are still very much a part of the wearable  market, the features and functionalities brought forth by the latest device from Apple was simply a class apart. It not only upped the

The Latest in User Experience News

  With modern advancements in technology and the rapid shift to the OPEX business model of the internet, the user experience has become a fundamental concept. Several UX specialists carry out the user experience research not only to come up with top solutions for user experience designers, but also to discover dependable user experience tools.