How Virgin Airlines Opened up a UX Frontier

When I’m upset, I like to close my eyes and imagine myself sipping a martini on a beach somewhere tropical. You could say it’s not healthy to imagine my problems away, but fantasizing about traveling somewhere sunny and warm does me well in bringing temporary relief. The soothing imagery of waves washing ashore, just barely

5 Videos That Best Explain UX

User experience is an all-encompassing field with so many different sub-categories that feed into it. The main goal is to create a design that is universally accessible, but there are many obstacles that arise during production design. The following list of videos explain the concept of UX, and introduce useful tips on how to overcome

Amazon Page Flip- Taking Ease of Use One Step Further

Can reading from a tablet, e-reader, or Kindle replace reading from an actual book? For some it is already the case, yet many still prefer the original experience. Either way, Amazon is attempting to make the transition from print to digital a bit easier. Amazon has released an update which will allow readers to save their