Funny Video: Silicon Valley Team Demonstrate Bad Usability

You knew this day would come- I’m sharing a scene from the great show “Silicon Valley”! Just like in real life, we see here the process often used in usability testing, of hiring real-world users who belong to your target audience, in order to find out the ease-of-use, while using a given interface to complete

UX Top Articles of the Week

Change and diversity are extremely important when it comes to UX world, you must keep on moving in order to sail smoothly along the digital-world river. In the past week, I read some great articles which relate to different changes you can make in your design as a UXer, and will keep your product awesome:

Cool Video: Disney Characters Who Could Use a Personal Healthcare Companion With Great UX

This short video by Disney shows an imaginary healthcare index of pain-levels, based on Baymax, the healthcare robot from the movie “Big Hero 6”, using different scenes and characters from Disney films. In this video, we can see various of Disney movie scenes, presenting rather…painful scenarios. They are accompanies by an index composed of different

Top Articles of the Week – UX Roundup!

In the following week I came across some intriguing articles, which are especially important to UX professionals: 1.   3 Exercises to Sharpen Your UX Skills Jennifer Winter writes in this article about 3 simple exercises to sharpen and improve your UX skills. The writer uses simple elements and methods, such as a whiteboard or

5 Killer Homepage UX Tips to Boost Traffic

  “The importance of an effective homepage can never be stressed upon enough because usually it is the landing page of your website and it is the landing page that always decides where your visitors are going to go from there: explore your website further and transact with you or leave the website immediately to