What We Can Learn From the Most Popular Video Tutorials about Salesforce, MS Dynamics and Oracle CRM

You can think of CRM as a mountain: there are different paths to reach the summit. Some may be steeper, with fewer overall steps but a more difficult ascent. Some may be more gradual and sloping. In the end, you ascend to the same height, but there are difficult steps, there are impasses, and there

Is Your Digital Experience Doing As Well As You Think?

From cell phones, to laptops, to tablets, a digital user experience is what draws in the user, and it’s the key factor to any company’s overall success. Nowadays, most companies have some sort of digital experience in place, but the deciding success factor is how well it does. How the user experience is designed, how

Microsoft Sprightly Improving User Experience For iPhone Users

Microsoft is testing iPhone users’ interest with its release of Sprightly, which has been available on Android since February. Sprightly is a Microsoft Garage App which allows users to create catalogs,fliers, coupons, straight from their phone in a matter of minutes.       The process of creating a sharable business image is fairly straightforward.

Clash of the HCM Titans: SAP’s SuccessFactors vs Oracle HCM Cloud

One of the greatest challenges for any company is managing its employees. For a small mom and pop corner store, this may be as simple as telling your lazy son to man the cash register. For a large multinational corporation, this might require a sizable HR department. Most companies are somewhere in the middle. Whatever