FitBit Alta: The Focus On User Experience

Users have complained in the past that their wrist-watch tracker lacks in functionality or lacks in style and design. Weeks after the Blaze smart fitness watch was introduced FitBit saw a drop in its stock and with the launch of the  FitBit Alta hopes to recuperate.   How is FitBit Alta winning at user experience

Engaging Video:  Salt shaker, Pepper shaker, and UX

This video, by BrightSightGroup, shows the beginning of Don Norman’s truly amazing and engaging presentation, in which he talks about the principles of smart design, based on UX and Usability. Norman gives an example which sums up the main principle of a usable design and a great user experience, when he asks the audience which

[VIDEO] Comparison of Salesforce to MS Dynamics on User Experience

When deciding which CRM is the best fit for your company, user experience is of utmost  importance. Without great user experience, attaining company-wide adoption is going to be a hard sell. This video examines how Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics measure up according to the four main pillars of user experience: simplicity, look and feel, usability

Make Sure Your Landing Page is Customer Worthy (Infographic)

The landing page is the first thing your customers see when they access your webpage. It can essentially make or break their opinion of your product with just a glance. It’s so important to make sure your landing page is aesthetically pleasing along with comprehensible and efficient. No one will want to stay on your

How Viv Will Change The Way Users Experience Smartphones

This week in New York at TechCrunch Disrupt, Dag Kittlaus, creator of Siri, displayed publicly his new invention, Viv.   Kittlaus began his presentation asking Viv standard questions regarding the weather. After establishing that Viv can answer basic questions, Kittlaus asked more advanced questions like, “Will it be warmer than 70-degrees near the Golden gate