3 Factors that Will Determine the Cloud’s Surge in Healthcare

Digital healthcare systems have the power to save lives. According to findings from Google Think, about 77% of American adults have gone online to investigate a medical condition. A more informed patient with access to information provided by digital healthcare systems will make better decisions, preventing serious health problems in the future. Indeed, the digital

Funny Video: Elders React to the Apple Watch

This truly funny video by Fine Brothers Entertainment includes interviews with elders about technologies and trends, while discussing their user experience. The video shows the elders different reactions to the Apple Watch and to its user experience, and reveals some surprising results, showing generalization is not always the smartest move when thinking of an age-related

Top UX Articles of the Week

This best of the week roundup post is all about being the best UX designers. The articles below show different perspectives on UX design, putting an emphasis on its importance, and showing important innovations in the field.   1. When It Comes to UX Design, Simplicity Is Overrated Robert Hoekman Jr. writes about the idea

UX Managers, Here is your 7-Step Action Plan for Career Growth in 2016

You deserve a promotion. You’ve worked hard all year, put in long hours, met with clients, come up with amazing design solutions to interface problems.  Here are a few tips on how to get that promotion you’ve been hoping for. The tips range from field-related advice, networking, personal care and development. Follow this 7 step

9 Critical Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid

The online world is like a bottomless pit. Websites are launched frequently and several of them suffer from errors that can easily be avoided. While some of the minor mistakes can merely lead to annoyance among your visitors, the grave ones can inhibit or prevent your visitors from accessing and/or returning to your website. Finding